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What are the benefits of Sunshades?

With today’s green push towards more sustainable buildings, Sun Shades are gaining in popularity throughout the country. But why? Are they really that useful? The simple answer is YES!

Not only do Sun Shades offer a building owner a sustainable advantage for years to come, but it also allows for an architect to leave a unique signature on their buildings that separates them amongst the crowd. When jobs are on tight budget restraints, things like Sun Shades can be the first to go, but, Sun Shades can not only add an aesthetically pleasing look, they can also offer a great deal of functionality.

When Sun Shades are used properly they can add visual and thermal comfort during the work day. If properly installed, Sun Shades can almost completely block out and protect the building occupants from harmful UV rays. They can also help in gaining LEED credits, so if you are designing a LEED building where you need to create healthy, highly efficient, and cost-saving green building, look for Sun Shades as a viable solution. Sun Shades are a unique product in the sense of their return on investment. Proper use of Sun Shades on the building can also partially or fully pay for the initial cost of the product in energy savings, whether it’s a cantilevered system on the south end of the building, or a vertical system on the east or west side of the building. Not many other architectural metal products can say the same thing. Sun Shades allow sun to enter the building during the morning hours, which allows for less heat needed to reach the optimal temperature. As the day goes on and the sun is at its peak, the Sun Shade will shield the building from gaining unwanted heat allowing for less mechanical cooling efforts.


  • Gives a building a unique look

  • Visual and Thermal comfort

  • UV Protection

  • LEED Credits

  • Return on Investment

  • Functionality

Sun Shades bring a lot of benefits to the table. When used properly they add an aesthetically pleasing look and great functionality. Designing Sun Shades can be a difficult process. If you need assistance, contact our staff, we can provide preliminary drawings that will help turn your dream into a reality.

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